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SWEAT Potato mart (2023)

A playful parody on local brands found in supermarkets! For this series, I worked on a 'Flyer Series' as well as an imaginary 'Supermarket Catalogue' with special offers and discount coupons. This supermarket series is based on a fake supermarket called 'Sweat Potato Mart', which was launched as a booth at the Illustration Art Festival 2023 in Singapore. 

Flyer Series

Three different local brands - Tiger Balm, Pearlie White and EuropAce are parodied in this series of imaginary flyers, taking elements from the brand and twisting it into a different meaning.

Click on each image to find out more about the thought process behind each flyer.


Supermarket catalogue 

Paying tribute to old-school supermarket catalogues and discount coupons, this catalogue parodies a few local brands featured by the mart, as well as including a few redeemable coupons below that customers can use for the flyer prints.

The character, 'Sweat Potato' is a sweet potato that sweats too much in sunny Singapore.


booth set-up, prints and stickers

Sticker Set.jpg
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