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Some may know me as my scam-y sounding moniker fakejol, which has been stuck with me for far too long to change now. Although not a starving artist, I am always very hungry for exciting work... You'll find me working as an illustrator, art director and most often pressing buttons in After Effects as a motion designer. 

I used to work at Our Grandfather Story and helped to kick-off the animated-documentary Youtube Channel previously known as O+ by OGS. During my time there, I led and art directed various animated series and short-form content, one of which was awarded the honorary selection for The Motion Awards by Motiongrapher. 

Animation aside, I do comics, editorial/corporate illustrations, music-related artworks and VR360 illustrations. I also teach motion design as a part-time lecturer at ADM. My delusional dream is to just keep doing what I love till I die, so if you would like, please hire me for my craft.

Selected Client Projects: 
WWF, Aware, National University of Singapore, SUPERMAMA, M1LDL1FE, Discovery Channel, Sentosa.


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