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leftover men in china (2022)

An ambitious attempt at doing a slightly longer explainer series, this first and last(unfortunately) episode talks about leftover men in China. A quirky yet dark explainer, we had our fun with the project. Wanting to take on a realist yet cheeky tone, I suggested to do a mixed media approach, using both photographs, vector illustrations and screen tones textures.


Produced by: O+ By Our Grandfather Story

Directed by: Syaza Agape

Art Direction: Jolene Tan, Hoo Yan Han

Animation Lead: Jolene Tan

Animation: Jolene Tan, Hoo Yan Han, Rebecca Chng, Ninet Liau, Nursyafiqah Noorman

Researcher: Brina Li

Voiceover Artist: Kenneth Tan

Sound Design: Jeremie Lim


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